Business in Chile

Due to its dynamic business environment, abundance of natural resources and large economy compared to the number of inhabitants, Chile is a perfect place to either start or expand your business in Latin America. It’s is one of the safest and most developed countries on the continent and has been one of the continent’s fastest-growing economies, showing a steady growth in the recent decades. Chile’s focus on global trade and investment and its transparent regulatory environment make it an attractive country to do business with. Chile is the most important supplier of copper in the world, with 40% of Chile’s exports consisting of copper. Other important industries are lithium, other minerals, and agriculture, especially forestry, fruit, nuts, seafood and wine. Chile focuses on implementing innovative solutions that increase productivity in mining and agriculture and are seeking the development of long-term infrastructure strategies as well as the integration of regulation of public and private ports. Having a coastline of over 6.000 km long, ports play a crucial part in the country’s infrastructure, because 90% of the goods enter and leave Chile via maritime routes.

Doing business in Chile

The Netherlands are ranked ninth as most important trading partner of Chile, with a total trade of over USD 2 billion. Because of Chile’s strong dependence on copper, the government is stimulating diversification, with a focus on agriculture, renewable energy, mining, global services and tourism sector. There’s a huge need for more innovation in these industries to tackle the challenges of the current international market. With its dynamic start-up climate, Chile is a very accessible country for Dutch start-ups with disruptive solutions as well.


Doing business in Chile

The industries that look especially promising for Dutch companies are top sectors such as water & maritime management, logistics and agriculture & food. These sectors are heavily being stimulated by the Embassy of the Kingdom in the Netherlands in Santiago. Other potential sectors are renewable energy, the health sector, smart cities, circular economy and the mining sector, where the Chilean government increasingly focuses on sustainability and modernization.

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Facts & Figures


Official name República de Chile
Government type Presidential constitutional republic
Population Around 18.4 million (2019)
Area 756 102 km2
Time difference UTC -3 & UTC -5
Currency Chilean Peso (CLP)
GDP growth rate 2.9% (2019)
GDP per capita USD 15.130 (2018)
Trade volume Imports: 62.7 billion USD (2017)

Exports: 70.1 billion USD (2017)

Inflation 2.2% (2018)
Global Competitiveness Index 33 out of 137 (2017-2018)
Ease of Doing Business 55 out of 190 (2017)
Global Corruption Index 26 out of 180 (2018)
Main trading partners China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Brazil
Major exports Copper, fruit, fish products, paper and pulp, chemicals, wine
Major imports Cars, refined petroleum, crude oil
Netherlands-Chile trade USD 2.25 billion (2018)