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Why Do Business In Chile?

Chile is a place where innovation and stability create vast economic opportunities. Known for its stunning landscapes and political stability, Chile offers Dutch investors diverse industrial prospects. With abundant minerals, growing technology and renewable energy sectors, it’s an ideal location for strategic investments. Here, efficiency meets sustainability, providing a perfect environment for development and innovation. Join us in shaping a successful future in this dynamic country.

  • Leader in sustainability and technology

    • Dynamic startup ecosystems as well as R&D support programs
    • Key sectors are mining, renewable energy, technology and agriculture
    • Diversified and growing economy with stronger focus on sustainability
    • Chile has a positive geographical location to invest and explore business here

  • 1st in ease of doing business

    • Stable political and economic climate
    • Pro-business policies with aim to reduce bureaucratic hurdles
    • Free trade agreements with numerous countries
    • Increase in foreign investments through incentives, such as tax breaks
    • Infrastructure, transportation network and skilled workforce strengthen Chile as a valuable business location

  • Network of Free Trade Agreements

    • 33 trade agreements with 65 economies
    • Access to diversified markets
    • Trade agreements have significantly improved market access
    • Netherlands is one of top importers of Chile