Published on June 17, 2022

RPO, a solution that will set the base for Human Resources in Mexico.

In Mexico, the approval of the reform to regulate outsourcing promoted new business models for human resources enterprises, effective models that are not that well known by companies, but can offer plenty of advantages.

We must understand that human resources companies not only offer personnel administration services, but are also designed to attract, develop and retain the best talent, even to reinforce the Employer branding Key Processes to achieve higher growth and business performance. 

One of the main challenges that companies face nowadays is talent shortage. According to data from the Talent Trends Report 2022 from Randstad Sourceright, in Mexico, 30% of the enterprises have trouble finding qualified candidates. For this reason,  counting with a strategic business associate and specialists in talent attraction and selection is a success guarantee and a competitive advantage to any organization in the labor market. 

RPO services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), are a solution that no doubt will grow in the Mexican market. This human resources solution consists in transferring a part or complete  operational responsibilities of talent attraction and selection to a third party with a dedicated team. RPO is a service that has a complete reporting system and control analysis, governance , supported in the best and latest technologies, applied to human resources with improvements in cost-efficiency in the talent attraction strategy.

There are many factors that have forced companies to make a change of direction in their human capital strategy, in order to optimize the search and selection processes of talent in order to focus their attention on their main asset: the employees.

The externalization of searching and selection of personnel processes, collection of documents and even onboarding,  grant companies an added value, giving them multiple benefits such as: specialized professionals, more flexibility, adaptability to new market necessities, cost and time savings, technology and knowledge on the latest human resources trends.

In the current context of a globalized world, where talent competitiveness grows with the day, organizations must work on their employer brand strength. One of the functions that an RPO provider performs is the support on the construction and development of employer branding strategies, a labor market trend that is on the rise.

A solid and attractive brand is synonymous of success for potential candidates' attraction and fidelization of key talent. Another important trend that is boarded by RPO services is talent diversity. The Talents Trend Report 2022, also demonstrates that 88% of human resources directors in Mexico say that diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace are fundamental to attract, compromise and retain employees. Creating diverse work teams and an inclusive corporate culture is not an easy task for companies. To bet on inclusion policiesimplies great benefits at every level of an organization, having a workforce of different gender, ideology, sexual orientation or ethnics will allow greater innovation and team motivation.

Human resources companies that offer RPO services have the objective of helping to develop the human capital industry to a higher and more strategic level, offering integrated accompaniment with access to specialized knowledge and technological structure that will allow organizations to generate better labor force planning, through data-based strategies that translate into greater productivity and competitiveness.

Luis Andres Román is a graduate of the Master of Business Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He has 18 years of experience in the commercial area of ​​various sectors such as Pharma, Industrial and Services, focused on the "business to business" model in  global companies, leaders in their respective markets.

He has leadership experience at the National (Mexico) and Regional (Central America, Caribbean and Latin America) level. Trained in various countries such as Argentina, Chile and the US. Luis Andrés is currently Business Development Director &

RPO / MSP Director at Randstad Mexico.

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